That’s none of our business. And we can’t do anything with that information anyway. What interests us a great deal more is how we can help to provide you with secure and efficient processes.

That’s why we want to communicate with you – to hear about your requirements for safety coupling, tell you what’s new about our company and sometimes just to discuss the world and his wife with you. One way of achieving this is via our new e-mail information service, with which we would like to keep you regularly up to date. If this leads to professional discussions, so much the better. Finding out what is keeping you busy in construction and manufacturing on a daily basis helps us to make our products more relevant and therefore better. After all, every one of our new developments is inspired by a customer request.

We look forward to talking with you, starting with this first edition. Until the next edition comes along, you can keep yourself informed on our website….

P.S.: There’s no accounting for taste, but Brussels sprouts…. really?

About us

R+W Couplings

As a manufacturer of precision couplings and line shafts, R+W serves customers in all areas related to power transmission. Established in 1990, R+W Antriebselemente GmbH employs more than 230 people around the world. This includes subsidiaries in the USA, China, Italy and Slovakia, as well as a sales office in Singapore. Furthermore, R+W can rely on a network of authorized dealers in more than 60 countries.