Do you sometimes go into a spin? Through pleasure, for example? Or because there is simply too much to do? The world is spinning round faster and faster – and unfortunately does not always have a suitable safety coupling.

According to statistics from 2014, young persons look at their smart phones every seven minutes. Unfortunately, we don’t know how long they are occupied with them – a pity, for this information would certainly be interesting. On the other hand, we have this first-hand information: Car manufacturers are also spinning faster and faster. For example, they require tests on the test bed with up to 16,000 revolutions per minute – extreme conditions demanding a radical approach to safety.

Regarding the smart phone

Yet back to the modern phone: In the meantime, every second German adult has a smart phone. In the morning, at 7.31 a.m., Herman T. German looks at the display for the first time and he will glance at it 213 times in the course of the day. A new study by the British marketing agency Tecmark says that he will be occupied with his smart phone for almost 22 hours by the end of the week. With 140 mobile transactions per day, the smart phone has even outpaced the desktop PC – and is expected to be overtaken soon by new techniques, such as smart watches, with regard to time in use and capabilities.

Augmented Reality

Wikipedia says, “Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment augmented by computer-generated sensory input”. When football matches are show on TV, augmented reality means displaying distances in the case of free kicks by means of a circle or a line. You can indeed expect more than circles and lines from us. We show you the construction of our couplings in an animated film and reveal our inner life as it were. And we bet that despite your hectic life, you will pause a moment to simply watch our couplings rotate. For this is stunningly beautiful.

About us

R+W Couplings

As a manufacturer of precision couplings and line shafts, R+W serves customers in all areas related to power transmission. Established in 1990, R+W Antriebselemente GmbH employs more than 230 people around the world. This includes subsidiaries in the USA, China, Italy and Slovakia, as well as a sales office in Singapore. Furthermore, R+W can rely on a network of authorized dealers in more than 60 countries.