Over these 25 years, we and our products have become increasingly better and more versatile, and our range meanwhile covers the entire spectrum: high-performance couplings for enormous rotating speeds, particularly small couplings for use in confined spaces, huge couplings for use on test rigs and in steelworks, and the whole range in between. We have learned that there is a solution for every application, and so we develop job-specific components to meet individual requirements. We will continue to do exactly this for the next 25 years too, so that on our 50th anniversary we will be able to say: we will not do things by halves!

About us

R+W Couplings

As a manufacturer of precision couplings and line shafts, R+W serves customers in all areas related to power transmission. Established in 1990, R+W Antriebselemente GmbH employs more than 230 people around the world. This includes subsidiaries in the USA, China, Italy and Slovakia, as well as a sales office in Singapore. Furthermore, R+W can rely on a network of authorized dealers in more than 60 countries.